our company

OCP-Italy is an Italian handicraft company who works in the metalwork engineering industry. For more than 45 years we have specialized  in the production and manufacture of a wide range of products in various areas such as: civil, industrial, building, hotel, nautic, agriculture and so on.

In this regard, we have created over the years numerous own patents

Ocp  proposes, patents and implements new tailored  ideas thanks to a careful and scrupulous work.


  • Carpentry civil , industrial, building
  • Hotel , nautical, agricultural
  • Heavy metal structural work
  • Wrought iron works
  • Locksmithing
  • Metal structures
  • Gates , railings , interior and exterior stairs
  • Gazebos , shelters , benches
  • Chairs , lanterns and more
  • Products such as create customized
  • Workshop building and repair
  • Construction and earthmoving equipment
  • Mechanical workshop equipment
  • Patented agricultural and gardening
  • Adaptation ” roll bar ” tractors
  • Moto agricultural , agricultural
  • Tracked
  • Agricultural equipment spare parts
  • Welding mig / mag
  • Electrode , stainless steel, aluminumspecial welding
  • Mobile unit on site